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Publicerad 2011-03-08 19:56:53 i Alla dessa saker,

Hi my name is Lars.

Mary is my best friend. We are super close.
I'm shy but for you I will introduce myself.

I like tattoos

If I have a daughter Mary will be the godmother of course.
My daughter will be called Mary-Kate and she is going to dress like this.

All pics from OlsenAnonyous

I'm totally allergic to all our furry friends.
But if I someday can be a proud owner of a pet I want a,


All though I love Mary, she is such a weirdo.
She want this freak as her pet.

And she snores! Totally annoying.
But she dreams all the time!

Enough about her.

This is want I want more than anything in the world

A lifepartner. blink blink


just so you know, Toodels is french, sortta.


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