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Publicerad 2011-03-01 19:33:11 i Alla dessa saker,

This is me. Drawn by my favourite illustrator Lady Thirty

I wish I had  a pretty-looking dress like this one.
Or maybe a skirt like this

I love braids

This makes me laugh

and cry.

Just this minute I´m listening to this song

Boom Boom Boom - Firefox AK

You know why?
Because it´s the song my cousin put on when we booked our journey to this place.

I like smelling Old Books like this

Another thing that makes me smile is this snail mail

That´s all for today


Postat av: H

Publicerad 2011-03-05 00:30:02

Älskar det här inlägget.. Illustrationen, böckerna och flätorna får tummen upp!

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